New Zealand Asian Leaders

Become a Professional Member

  • All NZ Citizens or Residents or valid NZ visa holders of Asian descent can apply for professional membership.
  • Other nationalities by invitation only.

The membership criteria are:

  • Leadership achievements to date;
  • Contributions to public life or the public good; and
  • CV/ LinkedIn Profile to be reviewed by the membership panel of NZAL

If you think you are a leader in your field, organisation or community, please get in touch with the team for more information at

Be involved with a tipping point group of top and emerging Asian leaders in New Zealand, helping to lead New Zealand’s interface with Asia for the benefit of NZ Inc


Membership benefits include:

  • Members will be provided with opportunities when the wider network is seeking contact with top Asian New Zealanders
  • Opportunity to meet a range of influential leaders and decision-makers, including government officials. Peer-to-peer relationships and organised networking with a high calibre of fellow Asian New Zealand leaders- be connected with a range of Asian leaders as potential business partners.
  • Individual profile on the NZAL website promoting your expertise. This will also provide great exposure if you are a business owner.
  • Priority invitation to all invaluable NZAL sessions throughout the year on important Asian business topics. High-profile and distinguished guests will be invited to share wisdom, and members have the opportunity to join insightful discussions.
  • Support, mentoring and advice for aspiring, emerging and young Asian leaders.
  • Opportunity to attend workshop sessions offered by various industry/governance organisations
  • Opportunity to speak at NZAL sessions and further promote your profile and the work of your company/ organisation.
  • Opportunity to mentor top emerging Asian NZ Leaders if you elect to
  • Be identifiable to NZ companies seeking Asian New Zealanders to sit on boards or for senior management positions or to serve on not-for-profit organisations.
  • Be notified of the board and senior management position vacancies from NZ companies involved with NZAL.
  • As an active voice on governance and Asian business in New Zealand, NZAL aims to represent key NZ Asian Leaders and businesses in the media to the public sector and relevant stakeholders, promoting the unique talent and wisdom of Asian leaders.
  • Invitations to relevant workshops from professional organisations supporting NZAL- fees for some events will be covered by NZAL for members.
  • Regular updates from the organisation on governance, Asian business, entrepreneurship and leadership

Professional Membership Cost: NZ$ 180+GST per annum

Corporate Membership

  • Opportunity for 5 staff to attend NZAL sessions throughout the year
  • All recognised members of the corporate entity will get all benefits as professional members.

Corporate members contribute $750 (plus GST) per annum – minimum two-year agreement.

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