New Zealand Asian Leaders

Immigration Reset – Attracting New Investors

  • June 8, 2023
  • 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
  • The Grand by SkyCity

The New Zealand Asian Leaders board is committed to supporting the Government’s Immigration 2023 policy to strengthen Aotearoa New Zealand by rebuilding a more productive, competitive, and sustainable economy for regrowth and recovery. NZAL are organising an event to clarify Immigration New Zealand’s Active Investor Plus (AIP) visa on Thursday 8 June from 4:00 to 7:00pm at The Grand by SkyCity.

Managers from Government agencies that oversee the AIP visa processing, Immigration New Zealand with NZTE, along with experts will speak about how to find investment opportunities, visa conditions, application process and acceptable investments.  While some may choose to start a business, migrant investors have choices to invest $15 million in listed equities, philanthropy, managed funds, or direct investments. There will be a review of what are acceptable investments.

The competition for international capital is intensifying following the effects of the pandemic on the country, which is why the Government implemented policy changes to help the nation grow. Countries are competing for global citizens and investors with expertise to live and invest in their economy.

NZAL Co-Chairs Sameer Handa and Lisa Li said, “There was a lively discussion at our Education and Immigration workshop held last month which prompted the board to organise this seminar to discuss issues in greater detail about the revised immigration settings. Asian migrants have made major contributions to the New Zealand economy and our members can be instrumental in the success of this programme through their extended reach overseas.”  The NZ branch of Asian banks can promote Immigration New Zealand’s AIP visa among their private banking clients. NZAL was established to provide a place for Asian New Zealanders that are leaders in their fields, to enjoy peer to peer support and have visibility in New Zealand companies. 

Changes have been made to New Zealand’s investor visa settings to attract experienced, high-value investors, bringing growth opportunities to domestic businesses. There were only five approved in 2022 and there has been some confusion about the new policy. NZAL believes they can resolve issues with this comprehensive seminar. This is an ideal opportunity to learn more about opportunities in immigration and network with NZAL members. 

Speakers Include:

Nick Arathimos, Director Investment Programme, Immigration New Zealand

Matt Hoskin, Skills & Investment Attraction, NZTE